Eliminating Hate is a Key

In todays multi-media age recruitment of the youth has shifted to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Social media companies such have Twitter have seen propaganda from extremist groups surface within their platform; Twitter has suspended 125,000 within the last 6 months who showed sympathy to the jihadist movement. Twitter and Facebook’s CEO’s have received threats detailed in a 25 minute video that surfaced depicting them being targeted with bullets. These desperate attempts to intimidate these platform leaders is all a counteraction to their growing involvement in removing content that incites violence or promotes terrorism.

What has to be done.

Educating the masses is a key to creating a peaceful and multicultural environment where extremism will not be tolerated or accepted  within the United States Unfortanerley many hate groups have been using fear to promote derogatory messages and grow their base with these significant gains society as a whole must curtail this type of behavior and use avenues such as the ‘Thank You America” campaigns  to become positive outlets and become a NGO that organizes to unit and not divide.